Sharing Resources In Teachstack – How To Share Files, Whiteboard and The Screen

In the classroom, teachers and students alike exchange notes, study, and reference material amongst themselves. So shouldn’t we have a similar feature that enables us to share the classroom resources with each other?                                                      

Don’t worry, we understand your concern. Teachstack provides you with the composite ‘share’ options. Now you can share files, the whiteboard, and your screen with the students.

Let’s take a look at how it all works!

1. Sharing Files With Students in Teachstack

You can now share documents and notes with the rest of the participants using Teachstack. To do so:

a. Select the bounded arrow option at the bottom of your classroom screen as shown below:

b.  From the popup window that appears, select the file you want to share and the file would start loading onto the screen.

c. Once it is uploaded, the file will be shared on the whiteboard.

2. Sharing The Whiteboard

Similar to sharing files above, you can also share the whiteboard with the students. Consider the whiteboard like the chalk blackboard or whiteboard in the classroom. It is similar in function, only different in nature. The virtual whiteboard is used by the teacher to scribble notes, formulae, or explanations, just like in a real classroom. So to share the whiteboard, all you have to do is:

a. Repeat step a from the previous section and select the ‘Share whiteboard’ option from the list instead of Share Files as shown below: 

b. Once selected, the whiteboard is shared on the screen for the participants to see.

3. Sharing The Screen

You can also share the entire screen with the class to show every step that happens on your system. To do so,

a. Repeat step a from the previous section.

b. Select the Share Screen option from the list as shown below:


The sharing features enable Teachstack to provide a more friendly, interactive, classroom-like environment for students and teachers alike. While the brick and mortar environment has its own charm, Teachstack manages to give you an enriching experience that is in its own, a class apart.

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