How To Use The Camera Features Of Teachstack

Before we can call Lights! Camera! And Action! to our live classroom – We need to know how to adjust the camera quality settings. We must also familiarize ourselves with what controls are associated with the camera. 

So smile and say cheese..while we look at the camera controls and settings by Teachstack.Quality – How to adjust the camera settings

In the previous blog, we talked about how we use the camera to record sessions. Now let us dive into how the camera quality settings work.

Before Entering the Room

You can choose the type and video quality of camera you want to use from the dropdown list under the “Camera” option on the Landing page before entering the room. 

Depending on your internet connection and bandwidth, you can also choose the quality you want to set for the camera feed. There are usually 3 options – Low (360p), High (480p), HD (720p). You can choose either one from the list and the quality effect will be applied. To set the quality, click on the arrow next to the green-colored camera as shown above.

In order to enable/disable the camera, irrespective of whether you have entered the room or not, just left-click on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. The icon will change to a red color with an oblique strikethrough when the camera feed is switched off. When the camera is on, the icon will change to green color and the strikethrough will be removed.

After entering the room

Here you can select the camera type and quality by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the green-colored camera as shown below:

Similarly, you can use the same list to choose the quality of camera feed you want to set for the classroom.

Control – How To Enable/Disable Camera Of Students

You can also select the 3 dot option on the bottom of your live classroom screen and toggle the feature as shown above. The toggle features enable the following controls:

  • Allow Students Mic – This enables the student participants’ microphone to be enabled/disabled during the session based on whether the toggle is turned on or off,
  • Allow Students Camera – Similar to above, this feature enables the students’ camera to be enabled/disabled during the session.
  • Allow students to chat – This toggle allows enabling/disabling of the chat option for students during the session.


The camera option by Teachstack is a unique feature and as apparent from the above, it is also fairly customizable to suit the user’s needs. While we have a lot more in store for the future, the camera functionalities right now are one of the main features why Teachstack is an optimum tool for Edtechs which can choose to customize video/streaming quality.

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