How To Use Teachstack Poll Feature

Polling is a method by which one can gain the opinion of the people against a certain event or answer a question. In terms of classes, the polling feature can be used to identify the correct answer.

Teachstack brings to you a unique polling feature that can be implemented in the form of polls as well as for marking the correct answer to a question. Let us see how we can use the polling feature in the following section.

Setting Up A Poll

You can create a poll by selecting the Poll tab next to the Chat tab on the right-side panel of the screen as shown below:

Teachstack enables you to create 2 types of polls – 

a. Start an instant poll 

b. Create new poll

a. The ‘start an instant poll’ option allows you to instantly launch a poll with no question and allows you to choose the time duration and set the correct answer of the poll as shown below:

You need to mark the time and answer to continue. Once done, the screen will take you to the Poll Launch screen.

Once the poll timer ends, you can view the results on the screen. This feature is particularly effective for revising concepts taught in the class or for hosting a quick quiz.

b. The Create new poll option is used to create a custom poll where you can choose your own questions and answers manually in addition to the features provided in the previous option.

This option can be used to create MCQ-type questions for tests and quizzes and the questions can be easily configured as well as the answer choices.


The polling feature is mainly designed for Q&A sessions but has potential applications for other areas like quizzing. This unique feature is one of the major reasons why Teachstack is unique from most generic Video conferencing solutions in the market.

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