How To Record Your Classroom Session In Teachstack

Missed the last classroom session due to unavailability? Maybe there was a power cut and you lost internet access? Irrespective of the reason, what do you do if you miss out on a session or want to go over the lesson again?

Worry no more  – Teachstack is here to help your businesses grow to newer heights.

What makes the virtual classroom so interesting? What are the unique features that make it stand out?

The Record Session

As the teacher, you can now record the sessions you are hosting and they can be saved for future reference.  To begin recording, simply press the “Start Recording” button. 

You can start the recording session before entering the meeting room. Just click on the white circular button as highlighted by the red circle below. You can do the same at any phase when the meeting has started as well.

Or you can enter the meeting room and click on the record button (white circle) to start recording as highlighted below:

If you feel the recording is complete and you don’t wish to record further, you can manually stop the session using the red square in the same position as the white circle earlier. However, if the session ends and there is no pause in recording, then the video will automatically be saved for future reference.

The videos can also be accessed by the students later once they have been compiled. To access the recordings, you can use the API call (get_recording). You can view more details here.

Special Highlights

  • The live session can also be streamed on Youtube or other streaming platforms even while recording.
  • The Toggle controls help maintain/control student Controls For Mic/Camera/Chat option.
  • Unique fullscreen controls to maintain the whiteboard and video screen so that the teacher can make an effective presentation.  


With the novel recording feature, Teachstack provides powerful functionality that assists you to carry out the daily classroom sessions, and yet you do not miss a single note or important presentation. For more details about Teachstack, visit


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