Expand Your EdTech Startup Globally with Teachstack – One Stop Shop For All Your Virtual Classroom Needs

In modern times, there has been a boom in the edtech space in India in terms of business    expansion. Most organizations have introduced some novel products and ideas on the board, However, they fail to solve the fundamental challenges that exist in online teaching. 

Most edtech startups today also rely on scores of third party solutions for streaming their videos, cloud storage, and processing tasks.                                                                                        

One of the redundant tools that have been the pinnacle of edtech innovation is the digital classroom. It dissolves barriers and gives educators a longer reach in terms of distance and students. It allows students to expand their learning horizons. This is because educators can use infographics and multitudes of digital assets at their disposal. Consequently, this helps to elaborate the subjects for a better understanding.

How To Make The Right Choice For Your EdTech Solution?

When it comes to technology, the options are numerous. But for a budding EdTech business, there are a few factors you would need to assess in order to balance your business requirements as well as your classroom needs. Some major factors to consider are:

Platform: This determines whether cross-platform compatibility is suitable for your business. For example, you may need only a Windows-based website only for classroom systems and android/IOS both for students who need to access the app from their phones outside the classroom.

Scalability: Scalability is essential for every business. If you want your business to stay firm, you must choose an appropriate solution to accelerate your growth as well as handle pressure. 

Customizable Features: Every unique business has its own unique requirement. So the ideal business solution should come with customized features to enhance your classroom learning experience. 

Hassle-Free Experience: The solution should be easy to deploy, maintain and use for all the users involved, to provide a seamless classroom learning experience.

What Makes TeachStack The Ideal Global Solution?

TeachStack is a one-stop solution, catering to your classroom needs – from a teacher to even edtech players. Our approach is simple – to democratize online education across the globe. With this mission in mind, our proprietary solution offers you the following benefits: 

  • Build your own app/website to host your classrooms
  • Teachstack handles 40 lakh+ classrooms. There is no lag/disruption thanks to our robust state-of-the-art video conferencing API
  • Over 10 lakh users have trusted our product and signed up – with a plethora of classroom-based features like – attendance monitoring, video recording, analytics dashboard, poll options, etc.
  • With an easy-to-use plug-n-play approach, deployment and integration with your system is no longer a hassle.
  • Teachstack supports low bandwidth and consumes a very nominal amount of data, making it usable even in low-bandwidth areas.


Technology has spread its root far and wide and it comes as no surprise that the roots have sunk deep in the EdTech sector as well. At Teachstack, we believe in not just imparting education online, but making it a uniform and unique learning experience – available to all, accessible by all, regardless of borders and barriers.

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