Deciphering The Dashboard – How To Use Its Novel Features

Curious about the average class performance this year? Want to monitor classroom progress on the grounds of attendance, performance, and number of live classes?

All your analytics data – now fitting in the palm of your hand

Teachstack brings to you – The Dashboard! Change your organization logo or collect reports/classroom statistics/attendance data – The dashboard gives you a detailed view of all of the above.

Let’s get started with how to set up your dashboard.

1. Setup Dashboard 

To integrate Teachstack you need 2 key parts –  client_id and Authkey. You can find both by accessing the dashboard. 

So how do you get access to the dashboard?

To begin, first, you have to sign up and then sign in with your organization’s email id. Once done, you can navigate to the integration tab, and voila! The dashboard is open for use!

Care to customize your classroom with your personalized logo? No problem! You can whitelabel your live classroom and promote your own brand by changing the organization’s logo. The same will then be displayed in the room’s navbar. 

So, how do we change the old logo out?
To begin, open the Organisation tab under the account section.

(Note: The default logo for the class is Teachmint.)  

Simply click on the image and select your logo from your device to replace the old image. Click on Done to set your logo as the Organisation logo.

3. Add new admin to the dashboard 

You can add new users as admins to the dashboard by adding their email ids in Add new users in the Users section. (screenshot below)

4. Subscribe Webhooks

Need regular event updates? You can now subscribe to webhook events directly from the dashboard. Just click on the webhooks tab under the Integration option on the left. (screenshot below)

Note: The client has to set the Webhook Target URL from their end. Once done, they must select the events they want to enable from the list of Subscribe webhook events.

5. Classroom Stats/Analytics

With the Dashboard, you can get deeper insights into classroom stats/analytics.

Let’s have a glimpse of how it all works.

  • The current usage data including the number of active students, number of active classes, no of active recordings, and list of ongoing classes can be found under the Dashboard section. 

  • The graph represents the past 12 hours of data in terms of number of active students and the number of active classes.

6. Reports

You can click on the Report tab to get any of the following details:

  • The number of sessions conducted for any particular duration. 
  • Total number of recordings 
  • Learning hours (no of hours attended by students) etc along with list of all completed classes.

7. Attendance data 

Want to check out the individual or collective attendance from a batch of students?
Have no fear, the Dashboard is here.

You can see user attendance data for a particular session including user join-time, leave-time and duration spent in class by navigating to reports section and clicking on detail report (screenshot below)

8. Poll data 

Now you don’t always need polls for just casting votes, is it?

  • Poll option is certainly effective in many other areas as well where the opinion of the students is required.
  • So surprise! Teachstack features a poll option that can be used for a variety of options from conducting surveys to Q&A’s, quizzes etc.                                                                    
  • You can see the poll results for a particular session, including the of polls conducted, response rate, correct rate, etc. All you have to do is navigate to the Polls conducted tab in the Report section. 
  • You can also see individual student’s performance by clicking on the detail report. In addition, the same data can be downloaded.


The dashboard feature is one of Teachstack’s unique features that allow users to control, monitor and analyze all classroom-related data. A powerful tool that gives visibility to individual, as well as batch-level performance- Teachstack, offers complete insight and control over your live classroom-all in the palm of your hand! 

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